Our Philosophy

Here at Me and You Learning Academy we believe that children learn through purposeful play and exploration. We believe that the different learning areas can aid in developing so much curiosity about the world around them. All children learn differently and here at Me and You Learning Academy we take that into consideration when teaching the children enrolled. Purposeful Play and Exploration is the key to helping children learn and understand how things work while learning the basic Alphabets, Colors, Shapes and Numbers. We also promote beginner Reading, Writing and Math skills.

We surround your children with sincere love, absolutely tenderness and care as well as we do it to our own children.


Natural and helpful nutrition for the children will give them enough energy for all the day and necessary elements for healthy growth.


Brain games are the most interesting way to explain the new educational information to the children. As well, they are full of fun and joy.


Our kindergarten has a very convenient location, so it is easily and comfortable to reach us from any part of the town.

Our Curriculum


Me and You Learning Academy’s Curriculum uses educational resources and different exciting teaching aids to help enhance our goals and objectives to better educate the children enrolled in our Academy while providing a nurturing, loving and safe environment for your child to learn and grow. We provide appropriately aged activities and experiences that will result in success and aid in building confidence and self-awareness. Our curriculum is designed to incorporate the following:

  • Music

    Creative Play | Physical Activities

  • Pre-Reading Skills

    Phonics | Health

  • Drama

    Art | Life Skills

  • Math

    Writing | Computer Literacy

Our Teachers

Me and You Learning Academy’s teachers are welcoming, loving, nurturing and well educated. Our team of teachers are motivated and support each other in the journey to educate the children in their care. At Me and You Learning Academy, we feel that team work is an essential part of providing a great environment for not only the children but for the staff as well. All of our teachers and teacher’s assistants must pass a background screening, health screening and have to submit personal references before they can be hired. Teachers also have to meet the qualifications and guidelines that are set by the state of Illinois. Lead Teachers at Me and You Learning Academy have 4 year degrees in Early Childhood Development/Education or in a field closely related. Teacher’s Assistants are required to have the specified 30 credited hours with 9 of those hours in Child Development and at least 1 year of experience in a child related setting.



We have 4 friendly packages for you. Check all the packages and choose the right one for you.
Infants 6wks-14mos.


  • The nursery provides a relaxed environment. Each infant has an individual crib and cubby. Infant interaction with teachers in the nursery is very important. Infants are encouraged to explore and use active thinking to solve how things work around them.
Toddlers 15mos-23mos


  • Language and Development: Toddlers are encouraged to use language through many different avenues such as story time, songs, and the different learning areas throughout the center. At this stage we encourage and aid in developing socialization skills. We do this by encouraging social interactions with other classmates and group play activities.
Age 2 – 3 of years age


  • The 2 and 3-year-old room is where your child will start to develop his or her independence and confidence. We provide a safe nurturing environment while your child explores and develops confidence in their new found abilities. We build brain power through creative games and colorful stories as well as toys and materials while helping them to get acquainted with a routine and a structured setting.
Ages 4 – 5 years of age


  • The four and five-year-old room is where your child will really begin to work hard so that he or she is ready for the next step on their journey to becoming a self-aware, self-confident young person. Literacy, Science, Social Studies, Health and Safety as well as many other educational areas will be focused on daily. Collaborative problem solving, personal development and personal space are explored. Child initiated play in the different learning areas, teacher directed lessons and group activities are implemented and used on a daily basis. Hands on experiences to the world around them are the best ways to learn and grow.

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